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Bear Baseball Tshirts for Sub

Bear Baseball Tshirts for Sub

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These little bear or Stuffed animal tshirts will do the talking for you.  

Great for Sublimation , vinyl or embroidery designs . Ready for your personalization however you wish to use it. 

Available in assorted sizes and colors. See other listings for the Solid color styles.

(100% polyester) are among the best toy tees in the marketplace. Whether for a plush animal or a doll, these tees get their message across. Excellent for embroidery or imprint. 

Size Small and Medium .     Different sizes and colors may be added in the future. 

Will fit all the stuffed animals we carry except the tuskers. 

All are white with colored sleeves.   The color indicates the sleeve color . 

 sample shows size small  tshirt on Timmy 8” bear 

Tshirt is discounted by 20% each with the purchase of each Stuffed animal.   One bear (Bunny etc) , one tshirt discount. 



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