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Custom Print Permanent Vinyl

Custom Print Permanent Vinyl

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This listing is for one custom print permanent vinyl sheet ( 12" x 12" ) printed with whatever picture or pattern  you wish.   The picture needs to be of decent quality as the better the image, the better the results.

 Please add note to your order about what you are looking for as well as sending us an email with the image attached as either a JPEG, PNG, or SVG file.  (We cannot use the files from the cricut as we do not use any cricut machines in our store, and they are not compatible with any other softwares. )

the vinyl printouts have all the same qualities as a regular 651.  they do not need laminate on top, and are easily applied. 

Turnaround time depends on the number of orders, (and staff) available that day.  Typically it would be available within 24 hours, and often sooner. 

NOTE**   Price does not include time for redoing or making a better copy for your image.  

 Custom stickers are also available. 

PICTURE SHOWN IS JUST FOR LISTING<  YOU can have any image or logo printed. 



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