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NEW DTF Gang Sheet and Library of Designs

NEW DTF Gang Sheet and Library of Designs

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Build your own Gang Sheet

ON AVERAGE 2-3 BUSINESS DAYS MINIMUM RETURN TIME. (Prints are done outside store hours so takes some time.)  ***THIS WILL VARY WITH BUSY HOLIDAY PERIODS **

This new listing combines the best of the options for submitting your gang sheets.  Add your own files, and also choose from all the ones we have in our online library.   Video link below to see how it works.  Combine them into whichever size sheet you wish, and make the most of your space. 

  1. Supported File Formats: Customers can upload files in various formats, including PNG, JPG,  SVG,  and PDF.

  2. Quality Requirement: Digital files must have a minimum resolution of 300 DPI to ensure clear and crisp printing. Lower resolution files may result in pixelation or blurriness.

  3. Responsibility for Image Quality: Customers using the gang sheet builder are responsible for the quality of the images they upload. This means that if low-quality images are uploaded, the responsibility for the print quality rests with the customer.   

  4. PLEASE NOTE*** Even with our library images, there is the possibility of a low resolution when the image is made larger especially.  We are adding files, but the responsibility is still yours in seeing that the image is good when resized to your file. 

  5. Printing "AS IS": Orders submitted using the gang sheet builder will be printed as they are uploaded. There will be no refunds issued .

  6. Here is a video link to see how to use the gang sheet builder.   Please let us know if you have any questions.    see video here


Additional Information

WE WILL NOT BE CHECKING YOUR WORK>  Artwork will be printed exactly as it is uploaded. Double verify your files  (watch for watermarks etc) 

  • 300 dpi resolution
  • On a transparent background using CMYK  colors 
  • Minimum line weight 2pts. There needs to be enough ink for the adhesion powder to stick to. 
  • Upload your designs in the exact color as they should be printed.
  • Accepted files : .ai, .eps, .png, pdf,  All fonts must be in outlines, not vectors format.
  • Printable area is up to 22 inches wide. For Prepared gang sheets , you are welcome to upload any size up to 22 inches wide and as long as you choose.   Individual prints may also be ordered.   
  • All colors are printed with the CMYK water based inks. Some Pantone colors may not be printed exactly as expected.
  • Due to monitor as well as translation with the printer, most colors will be very close, but there may be minor differences. 
  • NOTE***** Once images are sent to us and printed as sent, there are NO REFUNDS.  This is custom work, and we will print exactly as sheets are sent. 
  • If you create a ganged sheet  and submit,  and purchase online  , there are no refunds for this product. 


Please recheck all images to make sure that they are what you expect before applying as we are not responsible for replacing garments which do not work the way you expect them too.   


Recommend to  be applied with a heat press

  • Prepress the garment for 3 - 5 seconds to remove moisture 
  • Temperature: 315 F
  • Time : 10-15 seconds
  • Pressure : medium/firm   
  • After pressing, lay down flat to cool. Peel cold.   Then repress for another 3-5 seconds if desired using teflon or parchment to avoid scorching. 


If  you do not see a price for the size you wish to order, please contact us.   More sizes will be added soon. 


 Arrange your images on your specified sheet size and then upload your artwork. SEND YOUR ARTWORK AT THE SIZE YOU WOULD LIKE IT PRINTED.  300 dpi  PNG, PDF, SVG,  transparent background. Also, If you choose to build your gang role file in a different software you can place your order by sending it by email and purchasing the size file you need. 

All files uploaded are the responsibility of the customer. By Uploading your files you are claiming that you own the rights to these files.  We are  not liable/responsible for any copyright infringement claims/charges.   We will not share these images with anyone outside of Craft Enablers . 

AFTER MAKING YOUR GANG SHEET< PLEASE RETURN TO THE CART AND CHOOSE THE size of the page that you have submitted.      Once it is paid, we will proceed with printing. 

 CARE OF YOUR GARMENT AFTER ADDING DTF - INSTRUCTIONS: Wait 24 hours before first washing. Turn the garment inside out. Machine wash with mild detergent. NO bleach. Dry at a normal dryer setting on household machines. Do not dry clean. It is not recommended to use fabric softener. Instructions apply to the material only, please follow garment washing instructions as well.

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