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Gnome Made DIY sign

Gnome Made DIY sign

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This 12" round includes all the wood pieces as shown to make your sign.   Hat can be painted on the wood, or add fabric as the picture shows.   

sign is 3 layers of 1/4 inch baltic birch .  All pieces are laser cut in house and may have some minor 'smoke' marks, they can be sanded off, use alcohol wipes to remove or just leave as typically the paint will cover up these marks or add some personality to the coloring. 

can be vinyled, stained, painted or left natural.  your choice. 

there is a slot where you can add the macrame or yarn pieces to give the gnome his fluffy beard. 

If  you decide you can  add the fabric to the hat piece, and lightly stuff to get that effect as in the picture.   we include two mustache pieces, the smaller one sits underneath the large on to allow the extra space for the macrame cord to sit.    there are also separate pieces to be covered in fabric if you wish.   Otherwise if you paint, you may not need all the pieces. 



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