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Marabu Art Crayons

Marabu Art Crayons

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Art Crayon is a buttery-smooth, wax-based pastel in a sturdy, fully-loaded retractable holder with an ergonomic grip and a clear protective cap. A versatile medium that's suitable for a variety of fine art and mixed media work, Art Crayons work well on raw or primed surfaces such as paper, canvas, fabric or wood. Create rich, textural solids, blend and stamp colors for beautiful backgrounds, or brush with water for transparent effects or reductive techniques like wipe stenciling. 25 vivid, lightfast colors plus a blender. Highly-pigmented and water-soluble. Wipe-resistant after 24 hours; not washable. Apply a light spray fixative for semi-permanence

Available in 25 colors plus a blender 

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