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Mauve Floral Patterned Permanent Vinyl

Mauve Floral Patterned Permanent Vinyl

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This printable vinyl has been printed with a commercial grade printer with environmentally friendly latex inks.    Prints will average 12" x 12" and are available in a multitude of designs.    Ask for the pattern you wish, if you don't see it offered.   We will be changing what designs we offer as the seasons evolve as well.

Printed on 3.4 Mil Glossy vinyl with permanent adhesive glue on the back.   The same vinyl that Siser uses. 

Comparing Latex Printing Vs Eco-solvent Printing
The involved processes: In the latex inks, the latex contains the ink pigments, and hence the name. The curing process of the printers enables the ink to dry quickly, hence making it ready to use as soon as it comes off the press. On the other hand, eco-solvent printing may take considerable time as the printed medium undergoes de-gassing. This method cleanses the toxic fumes and then allows the ink to dry. After this, you would be able to laminate the printed medium to safeguard the surface. The process is long and can take up to around four days.
Delivery: The latex inks are scratch resistant and durable which means that there’s no need of any lamination. If you are in the printing business, you can guarantee ‘same day delivery’ to the customers, which sure is an appreciable attraction for a local business. Due to some detailed process, the print delivery takes some time in case of eco-solvent printing.

Environment friendly: The latex printers use safe ink, which avoids hazardous fumes and odors. This means that you don’t require a dedicated space for the printer. Instead, you can easily use the printed items in sensitive environments including dentists, hospitals, schools and nurseries. The same is not the case with eco-solvent inks.


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