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Omnigrid 4x8” ruler

Omnigrid 4x8” ruler

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Some Omnigrid rulers have a 1/8" gridded section which is a perfect template for miniatures and color wash quilts. The 1/8" grid markings can also be used for drafting and cutting.



It’s a big statement, but it’s backed up with solid facts. Omnigrid rulers boast a range of features that are standard on each and every ruler. Most importantly, they’re laser cut, which means they’re super consistent. This is an attribute that quilters really appreciate – accuracy is identical on every ruler, providing consistent precision when interchanging ruler sizes.

  • Edge markings for accurate measuring
  • Laser cut edges for smooth cutting
  • Patented double sight-lines show on light and dark fabrics (US Pat. 6,839,971)
  • Multiple degree angle lines for easy pivot of 30°, 45° and 60° cuts
  • Left- and right-hand numbering and angle system
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