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Removable Adhesive Vinyl - Rose Gold

Removable Adhesive Vinyl - Rose Gold

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The answer to the hard questions… I mean surfaces

We’re talking plastic, wood, glass, metal, ceramic, and more! Basically, if a cup can be made out of it, then you can decorate it with Removable adhesive . Although, we’d recommend hand washing for best results and durability! This sticky back vinyl comes with either a permanent or removable adhesive. Either way, that paper liner goes face down when cutting, so the colored vinyl side is exposed to the blade. After cutting, remove or “weed” the excess material from the liner. When your design is fully weeded, place Application Tape on top of the Vinyl and burnish with a squeegee. The pressure from the squeegee releases the vinyl from the liner allowing it to lift with the tape. Now you can place your decal on almost any hard surface, burnish with the squeegee once more, and when you lift the tape this time the Vinyl remains intact on your surface until you wish to remove it . 


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