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Siser Eco Stretch HTV White

Siser Eco Stretch HTV White

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For Earths’ Sake!

Calling all EasyWeed Stretch lovers and those who have been asking themselves “why can’t they offer the same stretch, the abundance of colors and make it an environmentally responsible choice?” 

Well, the folks at Siser paid attention and launched EasyWeed EcoStretch! 

20 gorgeous colors with many more on the horizon (saves time searching for that particular “shade of...”), a low-low 250°F to activate the adhesive (saves energy), and a hot peel (saves even more time).

What makes it “green”? This material was developed using water-based inks which means that it’s completely recyclable! 

Six environmental agencies tested and approved this Wunderkind of the heat transfer material world, so you know it’s safe. 


So what are you waiting for? 

Bring out your “can’t decorate it because it’ll scorch”; your super stretchy Lycra®, cotton, polyester and blended substrates and embellish them extra-proudly with guilt-free EasyWeed EcoStretch. 

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