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Silver Metal HTV

Silver Metal HTV

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Sheets are 12" x 10" 

this lovely silver metallic is double pressed to give it a different look on the top. 

PUCAD-CUT film of metallic surface, the thinnest PU vinyl you can ever find. Highlight of METAL is that you get to customize the surface pattern during heat pressing. The
texture of the surface depends on what kind of pattern you will place on top of the film. Remember two times of heat pressing is strictly required to get firm washing durability.

Mirror  your design, and cut your vinyl shiny side up.

Press at 150°C 8 seconds,  *After COLD peeling the carrier, heat press for another 8 seconds at 150°C to grant firm washing durability
add variant textures on the film by placing a Teflon sheet or textured fabric on top.

WASHING: Home washing at up to 60°C (recommend washing inside-out)
DRYING: Low tumble dry
BLEACHING: Not recommended
IRONING: Inside-out
VINYL STORAGE  before using:     Keep away from direct sunlight, hot and humid places

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